How to Make Glow Sticks in Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft: Education Edition is a version of the popular game Minecraft that has been specifically designed for use in schools. As such, it includes a variety of features that are not present in the standard version of the game, including the ability to create glow sticks. In this blog post, we will show you how to make glow sticks in Minecraft: Education Edition. We will also provide a step-by-step guide to creating other items that can be used for educational purposes in the game.

What You’ll Need

In order to make a glow stick in Minecraft Education Edition, you will need:

-A piece of charcoal
-A piece of redstone
-A torch
-A glass bottle

First, you will need to find a piece of charcoal. This can be found by mining coal ore blocks, or by killing zombies. Once you have a piece of charcoal, you will need to find a piece of redstone. This can be found by mining redstone ore blocks, or by killing creepers. Once you have both the charcoal and the redstone, you will need to find a torch. This can be found by breaking down torches that are placed in the world, or by crafting them using sticks and coal. Finally, you will need to find a glass bottle. This can be found by destroying chests or breakable glass blocks.

Once you have gathered all of the required items, you are ready to make your glow stick! To do so, simply place the charcoal and redstone in the furnace and wait for them to smelt. Then, take the resulting items and place them in your crafting table in the following pattern:

– Torch in top middle slot
– Glass bottle in bottom middle slot

The Process

In Minecraft Education Edition, you can make glow sticks using the Brewing Stand. To make a glow stick, you will need:

-One water bottle
-One Nether wart
-One redstone dust
-One glowstone dust

First, fill your brewing stand with water bottles. Then, add one nether wart to the top slot of the brewing stand. Next, add one redstone dust to the middle slot of the brewing stand. Finally, add one glowstone dust to the bottom slot of the brewing stand. Right-click on the brewing stand to start the process. Your glow stick will be done when the redstone dust has turned into an item called “glowstone”.

Tips and Tricks

1. Find a crafting table and place it down.
2. Right-click on the crafting table to open the 3×3 crafting grid.
3. In the first row, place 1 redstone in the middle slot.
4. In the second row, place 1 glowstone dust in each of the middle and right slots.
5. In the third row, place 1 glass bottle in the middle slot.
6. Collect your finished item by dragging it from the Result slot in the crafting grid window.


Q: How do I make a glow stick in Minecraft Education Edition?

A: You’ll need the following ingredients to make a glow stick in Minecraft Education Edition: one piece of redstone, one piece of string, and one piece of paper. Place the redstone on the ground, and right-click on it with the string. This will create a small ball of light that you can then pick up and carry around with you. If you want the light to be brighter, you can add more redstone to the mixture.


With a little bit of creativity, you can make some pretty cool things in Minecraft Education Edition – like glow sticks! If you’re not familiar with how to make them, don’t worry – we’ll walk you through the process step-by-step. All you need is a few items that are commonly found in the game, and before long you’ll have your own glowing sticks to show off to your friends. So let’s get started!

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