How to Make a L’manburg Flag in Minecraft

L’manburg is a city in the game Minecraft that has become well-known for its flag. The L’manburg Flag is a black and white flag with a red cross in the center. If you’re a fan of L’manburg and would like to make your own L’manburg Flag in Minecraft, here’s how!

What is the L’manburg Flag?

The L’manburg flag is a popular banner design in the game Minecraft. The flag features a white background with a red cross in the center. The cross is surrounded by four black diamonds. Each diamond represents one of the major factions in the game: the Adventurers, the Builders, the Explorers, and the Warriors.

How to Make the L’manburg Flag in Minecraft

1. Find a white piece of cloth.

2. Cut out a square from the cloth. The square should be big enough to cover an entire Minecraft block.

3. Cut out a smaller square from the center of the larger square. This smaller square will be the L’manburg flag’s canton (the upper left corner).

4. Find a red piece of cloth and cut out a triangle from it. The triangle should be as wide as the canton and as tall as the flagpole (two blocks).

5. Place the red triangle over the canton on the larger white square.

6. Fold down the top and bottom edges of the large white square so that they meet in the middle, creating a sleeve for the flagpole.

7. Slip the flagpole through the sleeve and raise your new L’manburg flag high!

Other Ways to Make the L’manburg Flag in Minecraft

In addition to the method outlined in the main article, there are a few other ways you can make a L’manburg flag in Minecraft.

One way is to use a banner instead of a wool block. To do this, first craft a banner (any color will do) and then place it on the ground. Next, use a dye of your choice to add the L’manburg emblem to the center of the banner. Finally, place an upside-down stairs block on top of the banner to complete the flag.

Another way to make a L’manburg flag is by using stained glass instead of wool. This method is similar to the banner method, but you’ll need to use stained glass blocks instead. Simply create your design on a piece of paper or using a program like Photoshop, and then transfer it onto the glass blocks. As with the banner method, place an upside-down stairs block on top of the glass blocks to complete the flag.

Finally, you can also make a L’manburg flag using blocks of obsidian. This is by far the most difficult method, but it will result in a very durable and striking flag. 


There you have it! You now know how to make a L’manburg flag in Minecraft. Whether you’re wanting to show your support for the popular YouTube channel or simply want to add a splash of color to your game, this guide should help you get the job done. Be sure to share your results with us in the comments below!

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