How to Get Echo Shards in Minecraft

For those of you who don’t know, echo shards are a new item added in Minecraft 1.9. They are a rare drop from endermen, and can be used to create sound-related blocks and items. In this post, we’ll show you how to get echo shards in Minecraft. We’ll also share some ideas on what you can do with them once you’ve got your hands on some. So if you’re looking for a new way to add some spice to your game, read on!

What are Echo Shards?

Echo shards are a type of Netherite scrap that can be found in the new Nether update. They are used to create echoing tools and weapons, which have special abilities.

To find echo shards, you will need to go to the new Nether biome. In this biome, you will find soul sand patches with blue light shining out of them. These are called echo nodes, and they are where you will find echo shards.

When you break an echo node, it will drop 1-4 echo shards. You can also find them by looting chests in the new Nether biome, or by trading with Piglins.

How to Get Echo Shards in Minecraft

If you want to obtain Echo Shards in Minecraft, you will need to go deep into the Nether. You will find these shards underground, near lava pools. When you mine the shards, they will make a noise that sounds like an echo.

How to Use Echo Shards in Minecraft

Echo shards are a type of crystal that can be found in the Nether. When used in conjunction with a sound-based weapon, such as a bow or crossbow, they will cause the weapon to emit a loud noise when fired. This can be useful for attracting attention to oneself, or for scaring away mobs.

To use an echo shard, simply place it in the off-hand slot of your inventory and hold down the right mouse button while selected. Doing so will charge up the shard and cause it to emit a loud noise when released. Be aware that holding an echo shard for too long will cause it to shatter, so make sure to release it before that happens!


In conclusion, if you want to get Echo Shards in Minecraft, you will need to find a Nether Fortress and mine the Soulsand blocks there. You can also sometimes find them as loot from Wither Skeletons. Once you have a good supply of Echo Shards, you can use them to create powerful beacons that will help you in your adventures.

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