How to Delete a World in Minecraft

In Minecraft, there are two ways to delete a world. The first is to delete the world folder from your saves directory. The second is to use the /delete command. Deleting a world in Minecraft is irreversible, so it’s important to be absolutely sure that you want to delete a world before you do so. In this article, we’ll show you how to delete a world in Minecraft using both methods.

Deleting a World in Minecraft

When you delete a world in Minecraft, all of the files associated with that world are removed from your computer. This includes the world save, any backups of the world save, and any other files associated with the world. If you have created a custom resource pack or texture pack for your world, those files will also be deleted.

How to Recover a Deleted World in Minecraft

Assuming you have deleted a world in Minecraft by accident, there are a few ways you can go about recovering it. The first thing you should do is check your recycle bin or trash can to see if the world is there. If it is, simply Restore it and move on. If the world is not in your recycle bin or trash can, don’t worry! There are a couple of other ways you can go about recovering your world.

One way is to try and find the world folder in your .minecraft directory. To do this, go to Start > Run (or press the Windows key + R), type in %appdata%\.minecraft and hit Enter. This will open up your .minecraft directory. Once you’re in here, look for a folder called “saves”. In this folder, you should see all of your worlds that are currently saved. If the world you deleted is not here, it’s possible that it was never saved in the first place.

Another way to recover your world is to use a Minecraft World Recovery tool. There are a few different ones out there, but we recommend using MCEdit-Unified. This tool allows you to select a date and time, and then browse


We hope this article has helped you figure out how to delete a world in Minecraft. Whether you’re trying to get rid of an old world or simply create a new one, deleting a world is easy to do. Just follow the steps above and you’ll have your world deleted in no time.

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